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  • Ameelton's Shot-Thrower Level 360

    Ameelton's Shot-Thrower Level 360

    - +


  • Decapitator of Alireza Level 360

    Decapitator of Alireza Level 360

    - +


  • Glave's Angular Glaive Level 360

    Glave's Angular Glaive Level 360

    - +


  • Khayurn, Blade of the Wolves Level 360

    Khayurn, Blade of the Wolves Level 360

    - +


  • Shtuf's Ruler Level 360

    Shtuf's Ruler Level 360

    - +


  • Treiya's Shining Pillar Level 360

    Treiya's Shining Pillar Level 360

    - +


  • Yang's Other Recurve Level 360

    Yang's Other Recurve Level 360

    - +




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About World of Warcraft Items

What is the WOW?

WOW is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released initially in North America 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment, November of the same year released in America, New Zealand,Canada, Mexico and Australia. It’s the fourth-best-selling PC game full of magic and limitless adventure setting in the Warcraft fantasy universe. As for 2008, the total number of worldwide players paying already reached 11 million 500 thousand, creating the new Guinness Book of Records. By 2017, the game had grossed over $ 9.23 billion in revenue, making it one of the highest-grossing video game franchises of all time.

At present, there are numerous players in 224 countries and areas are playing the game, and they are able to control a character avatar in third- or first-person view, following a complete storyline in WOW, you can adventure, finish the tasks, new experience dangers or adventures, explore unknown world,fight with the monsters by using specific skills, and interacting with non-player characters or other players like chatting and cooperation in game.

While similar to other MMORPG games, WOW requires the players to pay for subscription in order to purchase weapons and armor equipment which called WOW currency.

About WOW Items

Items are the ones that a WOW player character can carry, it can be a weapon, a kind of material or even simple clothing in the game, while each item will play a corresponding function, and they can be equipped, used, bought or sold with others. In a word, WOW Items are an integral part of the whole game.

How to obtain WOW Items on ZZWOW?

Honestly, there are several ways to get WOW Items in the game from some players, you are allowed to farm, trade or more, but doing so will undoubtedly waste a huge amount of time, if you are always spending hours working or taking care of your babies, that’s even more impossible. This may be your original intention of purchasing WOW Items, but in any case, we can really help you save most of your time.Thank God, whenever you visit ZZWOW, you can select the right WOW Items on the site without any troubles or obstacles. We are always online because we are a professional game service provider.

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