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1, Please do not log on account without notifying us during the powerleveling progress, that may cause delay of powerleveling complete, and if you want to play your character, please contact us, we will make a secure log out for you.
2, For special powerleveling that may need you to provide materials, so please make sure your account matches the required condition for Warmane powerleveling.
3, As our gamers who train Warmane skills now complaint they get paid too less due to our low powerleveling price, we have to use bot to train skills for RS 3 Eoc. So be sure you realize this before buy the rs 3 powerleveling and you can take the risk, otherwise please do not order rs powerleveling. At the moment, the 2 days ban rate is 10%, and forever ban is 5%, and we will issue full refund the powerleveling order if your account meets permanately ban. But We never use bot for oldschool Warmane training, for warmane powerleveling, we still train orders by manual way.
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