WoW Horrific Visions: New Single Player Challenge Content
WoW Horrific Visions: New Single Player Challenge Content

After the release of the 8.3 update, the battle for Azeroth expansion is about to come to an end. Before that, Azeroth's heroes still need to defeat a powerful and terrifying enemy.

He is the old god N'Zoth. After successfully escaping from prison, his ambition gradually covered the entire Azeroth continent, and he tried to make his Black Empire the most powerful force in the entire continent. To fight this force, the warriors of Azeroth need to protect two ancient Titan facilities in Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms from being destroyed by N'Zoth's army. Only through the Titan facility can players gain more advantages.

Similar to Legion and Faction Assaults from previous updates, Black Empire Assaults transform entire zones into battlegrounds as they are overrun with N'Zoth's minions. Instead of being available temporarily through the week, though, Black Empire Assaults will always be active in both Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms, with N'Zoth focusing the brunt of his assault on one zone each week.

Staving off N'Zoth's weekly assaults is just the beginning of the war against the Black Empire, though. In order to fully understand his plan and discover his weaknesses, players need to accumulate enough knowledge through new Horrific Visions. Since Mages Tower, the studio has been working hard to develop new single-player challenge content, Horrific Visions is the latest achievement of Blizzard. In fact, this gameplay can accommodate 1 to 5 players at the same time. If you don't have confidence in your own strength, you can also form a team with your good friends to explore together.

It is a horrific apocalypse where N'Zoth's corruption and eldritch monsters have wiped out all life in Azeroth. Using resources earned from Black Empire Assaults, players will be able to enter these Horrific Visions a few times a week. Each foray into this grim potential future will taunt you with valuable rewards, but if you get too greedy you can lose everything and have to start over.

In the process, you will receive help from Black Prince Ragio and a legendary cloak. This cloak can help you resist a certain level of mental attack, so you can stay sane and explore more content. You can upgrade the cloak by the rewards you get from exploration, it will gain more unique abilities and provide you with better help.

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