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  • World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Revealed Event Would Be Aired On July 8

    Jun 27, 2020

    Due to the racial discrimination protest in the USA, the reveal event of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands originally scheduled for June 9 was canceled. Until now, Blizzard announced that there will be a live stream on July 8 for Shadowlands, sharing more details about the upcoming expansion.

    The executive producer John Hight and game director Ion Hazzikostas will host the event to give a look at some of the latest content now in development for World of Warcraft, until then, it would be aired on the game's official YouTube and Twitch channels.

    When WOW Shadowlands is released, it would introduce five new zones, a refined leveling system, and the roguelike-inspired Tower of the Damned, as well as much newly added game content.

    During the coronavirus outbreak, the development team of WOW can only stay at home and work, resulting in their workload only reaching 50%, or even less. There is speculation that the next expansion of WOW, Shadowlands, will be greatly delayed, but Blizzard has always insisted that it allows players to get Shadowlands before the end of 2020 and plans to release the reveal event in June, then the death of George Floyd caused the delay for about a month, which was confirmed again that Shadowlands would arrive before the end of this year.

    As always, Blizzard will create new content and legends through each expansion in World of Warcraft, also, it is set as the land of the dead in Shadowlands, requiring players to interact with dead characters from Warcraft lore.

    Until the reveal event, we will be able to understand all aspects of WOW: Shadowlands.

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  • World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Preview: Pre-Purchase Edition, Level Cap And New Zones

    Jun 05, 2020

    We’ve already known that Blizzard will announce the details of World of Warcraft eighth expansion, Shadowlands details through livestream on June 9. so set an alarm clock at 9 am on Tuesday, watch the World of Warcraft Twitch and YouTube channels.

    Shadowlands was first mentioned at BlizzCon 2019 and set to be released in 2020, but due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, its release will definitely be delayed.

    There are three pre-purchase editions for Shadowlands, Base, Heroic and Epic, with not the same subscription fees and corresponding permissions.

    Also, it added a new leveling system in Shadowlands, lowering the level cap from 120 to 60, but players may encounter more difficult missions and challenges to upgrade fast than before.

    Moreover, it also added new looking for characters in Shadowlands, allowing players to customize the facial features and decorations of characters, including hairstyles, eyes, colors, tattoos, and so on, which has been demonstrated at BlizzCon by the developer team.

    Beyond that, there must be a series of new zones and maps during the new expansion for players to explore, along with dungeons and raids, including Oribos, Bastion, Ardenweald, the Necrotic Wake, Halls of Atonement and more, each one of which brings quests and rewards.

    When Shadowlands is released, you could play directly if you have purchased any pre-purchase edition.

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  • World Of Warcraft Shadowlands New Starting Zone Exile's Reach Guide

    Apr 30, 2020

    Since Blizzard announced to release the eighth expansion, Shadowlands in 2020, players have made a lot of guesses about the game content, expecting that it would become another great update following Battle for Azeroth. Also, from what we already know, it is indeed like this.

    With Shadowlands, there is a new starting area for World of Warcraft players to get the game easier, as one important part of Alpha, it must be populated a lot in the coming months.

    Two weeks ago, Shadowlands Alpha has started to test with a limited amount of content including Torghast Dungeon, only available for Bastion and the new starting zone Exile's Reach.

    Speaking of the Exile's Reach, it is an island to send and create the first characters for beginners, and where the experienced players can pick between the new and the old race-specific starting areas.

    With Exile's Reach, it is the default for new players, letting them experience all about the basic of playing World of Warcraft, where the players could find various random things like treasure chests, along with WOW items inside them. What's more, there is an optional group quest to train the players, and make them earn more through it, you are suggested to play more with friends, as some tasks are hard to complete by yourself. However, relax, most of the time you only need to complete some simple quests, defeat the easy-to-handle bosses, which allows you to quickly level up from Level 1 to 10.

    Overall, the experience at Exile's Reach is friendly and enjoyable, even for new players, who must start in this questing zone.

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  • Blizzard seemed To Leak World Of Warcraft's Next Expansion, Shadowlands

    Oct 30, 2019

    A few months ago, Blizzard released World of Warcraft Classic to revisit the days in Azeroth, during that period, quite a few players of World of Warcraft poured into the "new" game, but now Blizzard has gradually turned focus into WOW. Recently, the fans get some messages in a post about the next expansion of WOW, from the image, we can see the displaying merchandise for "WOW Shadowlands", it can be guessed that the next expansion is named Shadowlands, and then the fans can buy them when Shadowlands launches if the announcement is real.

    World of Warcraft classic released by Blizzard is still at its peak, but this does not affect WOW developers to improve another retail version of the game, soon the annual fan event for Blizzard, BlizzCon is going to start in November, and there will be more information about Shadowlands being released to the public.

    To be honest, the fans already guessed the details of Shadowlands expansion before the release of WOW Classic, so they can discover a lot of details from one image, including WOW logo or the castle that once appeared in Battle for Azeroth.

    What is not certain is that this is not sure whether the image really comes from Blizzard, at least until now, no one has come out to clarify the issue.

    By the way, there are two games of Blizzard will be announced on BlizzCon with World of Warcraft Shadowlands, Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2, hopefully all could bring much fun to fans.

    Last not the least, even if Blizzard announces the WOW expansion on BlizzCon, we can only figure out what will happen through texts or brief videos, the expansion will not launch before the second quarter of 2020, that's because most players will stay in WOW Classic to play the nostalgic game for a long time.

    BlizzCon 2019 will start on November 1, 2019 at 12:30 pm EST and last for two days.

    Whether it is WOW, or its expansions, these are good games developed by Blizzard, and the players are always experiencing new content through leveling up, making money and other methods, which brings them continuous pleasure, this might be one of the reasons that WOW can become a global best-selling game.

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