Some players find WoW Classic introduces paid transfers
Some players find WoW Classic introduces paid transfers

A few months ago, Blizzard announced that it would introduce paid transfers in World of Warcraft Classic to facilitate players who want to go to other servers to find friends, but players have not been able to know when the system will officially take effect. Until recently, some players posted in the community explaining their findings.

This morning, Blizzard performed routine maintenance on WoW Classic's servers, but the duration is much longer than the past few times. Some people think that some new things may be added to the game after this maintenance. And some careful players did find the difference, they noticed that the role transfer function has been turned on and can be used for a fee. However, Blizzard did not announce the introduction of this feature in the maintenance instructions.

Previously, many servers in WoW Classic were overpopulated, especially PvP servers, which caused many players to wait in the queue for a long time to enter the game, while some PvE servers were underpopulated. And faction balance is poor. To solve this problem, Blizzard provides free character transfers on some specific servers, and the number is limited. It is convenient for those players who have a bad experience because of long queues or imbalanced factions to continue their adventure to a smaller number of servers.

Simply put, the limited free character transfers provided by Blizzard over the past few months is the only way players can move from one server to another. After the maintenance is completed today, all players can pay for the role transfers operation.

Of course, there are strict restrictions on paid transfers: each role can only use the role transfer function once in 90 days, so you need to ensure that the new server you choose meets your ideal needs; in addition, you can't transfer all WOW Classic Gold in you bag to new servers because the economics of each server are very different. Depending on the level of your character, you can only carry a limited amount of gold. This is mainly to prevent gold merchants from using this feature to disrupt the market. Most importantly, if your character is on a PvE server, you will not be able to transfer to the PvP server.

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