Method caught up with the NA Guilds in 12 hours
Method caught up with the NA Guilds in 12 hours

Every time a new raid is added to World of Warcraft, all players will be thrilled. For ordinary players of World of Warcraft, this means new content and new equipment, and their characters can be further improved on the original basis. For those professional raid guilds, this indicates that a new round of the world's first race has officially started.

In fact, the time when World of Warcraft releases a new raid in each region is different, mainly due to the time difference. Compared with European players, players in North America this year can experience the new raid sixteen hours in advance. This is a huge advantage, but this does not prevent the European raid guild from competing for the world's first title. In fact, the European Association Method, which has long dominated the RWF competition, took less than half a day to catch up with the NA Guild Complexity Limit.

Of course, the journey of Complexity Limit was not smooth sailing. Due to unexpected server maintenance, the official opening time of the game was forced to be extended by 3 hours. Even so, Complexity Limit still has a 13-hour lead. During this time, Limit quickly killed 7 of the 12 bosses.

In the next time, Limit will also need to face 5 more scary bosses. They need to spend a lot of time to plan and prepare for the task. This gave the European WoW guilds an opportunity. With the experience of successful people, they can use the same strategy to spend less time defeating bosses.

Although from the current situation, Method has completed the same progress as Limit, but the European guild still has a disadvantage in time. During the time chased by Method, the NA Guilds has fought many times with Ra-den the Spoiler. Among them, Limit has successfully reduced the boss's health to 15% in the last challenge. Although they failed, they could adjust their strategy to win faster.

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