Adopt WOW Classic Dottie And Make Donations To Charity
Adopt WOW Classic Dottie And Make Donations To Charity

When MMORPG and charity are combined, there is not any reason to reject such a game, right? Blizzard has added a very cute little animal Dottie to World of Warcraft Classic for players to adopt, which is to make donations to charities, and Blizzard has promised to donate 100% of the purchase Dottie for the charities Make-A-Wish and WE.

This is not groaning, surely, this is not the first time to make donations when playing a game. A few months ago, the producer of another popular MMORPG the Elder Scrolls Online had started an event called #SlayDragonsSaveCats# to donate up to $20,000 for helping the poor animals before December 9. And judging from the donations raised by now, it is very close to the ultimate goal.

Returning to the topic of adopting Dottie in World of Warcraft Classic, Dottie is an adorable baby alpaca with white fluff. As long as you buy the in-game pet in the Blizzard Shop before December 31, you can make a donation to the charities.

After that, Dottie will follow with you wherever you go, and you will find yourself humming songs about her and exploring new frontiers before long.

Make-A-Wish is a charity originally created in the United States focusing on creating life-changing wishes for critically ill children all over the world, and each donation you make will be used to help the poor children. Click to go directly to their official website in the US, and for outside the US.

WE is a family of organizations founded in 1995 to fight child labor. And it is committed to addressing the child labor at its roots, extreme poverty through various methods, such as water purification projects, built schools for out-of-school children, etc.

Put it simply, there are some differences between the above two charity events related to MMORPGs, the former emphasized the rescue of stray animals, while the latter is dedicated to helping poor children. But in fact, they are calling on the world to make donations to all who need help through various ways.

Starting from the end of August, WOW Classic was officially released by Blizzard, a large amount of players have poured into its servers and brought huge benefits to Blizzard. But this is not enough, Blizzard needs to continuously add new content to the game in order to meet the increasing requirements of players. At the same time, the players’ demand for WOW Classic Gold is also constantly expanding.

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