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Your secret weapon from the Lich King′s wrath

World of Warcraft has entered a brand new dimension. Take command of the usb ports by modifying the interface with your own personal unique addons. Whether your main goal is to enhance addons you already use, to enlarge your arsenal by creating some all–new features, or even immerse yourself inside the programming and also the game, this book is usually the oracle. Learn the arcane languages of Lua and XML and master the craft of addon creation!

Understand the anatomy associated with an addon

Work with frames, widgets, along with other graphical elements

Explore basic and advanced functions and control structures

Track damage with CombatTracker, and answer the combat log and threat informationTrack, filter, and sort your inventory by writing BagBuddy, a completely functional addon

Create slash commands, custom graphics, scroll frames, and dropdown menus

Who have you been?

Apprentice programmers without having prior experience learn Lua and XML in Part I

Journeymen with done some programming skim Part I and begin with the information about addon creation in Part II

Master programmers with addons already of their arsenal dive promptly into Advanced Addon Techniques in Part III

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The Original Allied Races Still Have A Part To Play In World Of Warcraft’s Story

In World of Warcraft’s history, some of the most interesting and controversial moments have been the addition of new races. Up until Battle for Azeroth, races would enter the game with the start of an expansion, and players would work their way up from level 1 in a race-specific starting zone that told the story of their people. 

Okaymoo is a legit, safe and professional games currency sale store

Blizzard Are Working on a Pokémon GO Version of World of Warcraft

According to the lengthy Kotaku article making the rounds this week, a small mention was made about the company working on a version fo WoW that would play like Pokémon GO.

Okaymoo is a legit, safe and professional games currency sale store

Here's Where To Find The World Of Warcraft Goggles That Morph Everyone Into A Corgi

Blizzard just added an amazing item for the 14th anniversary of World of Warcraft: the Overturned Corgi Goggles. The description doesn't mess around, as they literally allow you to view the world as if it were inhabited by corgis. Here's how to nab them.