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In general, raid bosses would have to be a team, but Rextroy preferred to go to Antorus's first opponent alone.

World of Warcraft raids can only be cleansed for achieving no achievement or special reward. All you have to do is look at the community. Or they ask the question "why was it good for 8 hours to beat a boss?"

The answer is probably never to be known, but the point remains: Rextroy has been hit by the actual heaviest raid and got stuck in the first boss for a while. After a few hours of battle, the Garoth Worldbreaker finally fell.

The character is also a Paladin geared to iLVL 963 with 79 open artifact trains.

The solo killing was made possible by the 60-yard AOE of one of Garoth's most powerful capabilities, avoiding a small part of the arena. Rextroy pulled himself out of the blows. Without that, he certainly would not have succeeded.

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A Newb’s Adventures In World of Warcraft - Week 2

Man, I’ve done a lot in the past week in World of Warcraft. But before I dive in a quick friendly reminder. I occasionally stream my adventures.

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Farewell to Legion, World of Warcraft's best expansion in a decade

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