World Of Warcraft Classic Leveling Guide From Level 1 To 60
World Of Warcraft Classic Leveling Guide From Level 1 To 60

This summer, Blizzard released a nostalgic game, World of Warcraft Classic to wake up the memories of old players. Its level cap is limited to 60, and each one is full of difficulty to achieve. It was reported that the first player to reach level 60 spent 3 days and 6 hours, which means that players need to spend not less than 100 hours to complete the general challenges in World of Warcraft Classic. This is a long journey full of surprise and challenges, if we can give you the effective methods to reach level 60 quickly, this will help you shorten the whole process, especially for those newcomers.

In any MMO, players must meet their daily needs through continuous tasks, which is also a common and effective way to level up in World of Warcraft Classic. The advantage of questing is that you can choose solo anytime and anywhere without the teamwork, of course, you can also earn more XP alongside the team. When questing, you can completely decide what you get, but you have to consider three factors, combat, recovery and travel time to minimize the costs.

This is a faster way to reach level 60, grinding dungeons can allow you to get more XP effectively and you need to continue to do the task with other four players. In other words, you will face some more difficult tasks, and you may be directed to some very tough dungeons. After completing these tasks, you will get some valuable rewards and XP, but they are never easy to own. You have to find some friends and form a team before going to dungeons, or your XP will drop at fast speed when you can't successfully complete the dungeon quests.

Leveling zone order
Almost every zone of World of Warcraft Classic can bring some XP to the players, but the zone order in a limited time is an efficient way, such as prioritize efficient tasks. You need to plan your regional route beforehand and complete the task in the shortest time. The more precise your route, the faster you level up.

Don't think it as a troublesome thing, because it is likely to bring you extra benefits, such as WOW Classic Gold, which is also one common way to make gold in the game.

Anyway, no matter leveling up or making gold is not a one-off thing, it requires long-term persistence and work, World of Warcraft Classic is a game worth playing, only you try all the challenges and quests yourself, you can enjoy the greatest fun in the game. Further messages about WOW Classic will be shared on ZZWOW, so stay tuned.

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