World Of Warcraft Classic Info: Release Date, Gameplay, Costing, New Challenges And More
World Of Warcraft Classic Info: Release Date, Gameplay, Costing, New Challenges And More

Blizzard has been preparing for it throughout a long time since the year of 2017, and as early as a few months ago this year, three stress tests of World of Warcraft Classic has already begun, but we can only experience part of the content of WOW Classic. Now, WOW Classic is nearly at the corner, Blizzard released almost all the announcements about it before that, believe that quite a few fans can't wait to try something new, todays article is titled on WOW Classic's information, ZZWOW made a list for them, release date, gameplay, costing, as well as new upcoming challenges you are facing.

Blizzard has decided to officially release WOW Classic on August 27, only 12 days left, and it is all going well until now.

Although World of Warcraft has always had a good reputation among the crowd, Blizzard's attempt can bring many fans to the certain time in the past, which is really because World of Warcraft Classic is the recreation of its first expansion in WOW series, it might be better to call it metro MMO throwback.

If you are always nostalgic for the days of fighting with the gnomes, or you just want to live an embarrassing life like your father period, after all, in the past expansion, earning much WOW Classic Gold is not as simple as imagined, joining WOW Classic is an opportunity to reach your dream.

However, the thing won't be the same, Blizzard has guaranteed that the gameplay of WOW Classic will definitely be much more different.

You are still allowed to customize your characters through different races and classes, and the conflict between Alliance and Horde will not disappear, no matter which one you become, you have to fight with countless monsters, completing the quests until you have earned all the rewards you want.

WOW Classic is free for those who pay $ 15 for a subscription per month through various payments. If you are not, you are still allowed to experience certain low levels by using a trial account, but not able to enjoy all content of WOW Classic.

Blizzard's past discussion referred to a series of challenges in WOW Classic, and it said that the Classic one was not intended to compete with current WOW, but to bring back a brand new game experience for players. During any game, from the gameplay, storyline to production scale, battle mode and more, all are considered by the production team. The WOW Classic we could see in over ten days, it will not show all the content, and more will be added through continuous patches, so stay tuned.

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