World Of Warcraft Classic Herod Realm Encountered Overcrowding Of 10,000 Players Login Queues
World Of Warcraft Classic Herod Realm Encountered Overcrowding Of 10,000 Players Login Queues

Only six days left before World of Warcraft Classic is released, although we can't take a look at its real appearance by now, the players of WOW Classic recently received a warning from Blizzard that one of its realms would face "login queues in excess of 10,000 players" according to the name reservations, and it is possibly much higher as developed.

Since WOW is such a popular MMO, and when it comes that a piece of news of a server option, WOW Classic is being released, the fans have long been looking forward it, they are always ready for it enough time, name reservation, investment of WOW Classic Gold and more. However, as the release date approaching, the developer team of Blizzard has encountered some trouble, such as the server distribution is uneven.

Herod is the overcrowded realm for North America with over 10,000 players login queues, while in other areas, Shazzrah and Kaivax in Europe reposted the same message to players there, if part of players don't consider moving to another one, the server may run slowly or unable to work due to crash.

To welcome the arrival of WOW Classic, Blizzard has created more servers than ever to accommodate more players, but it is clear that the situation doesn't go as well as imagined. Regarding overcrowded realm problem, Blizzard proposed a solution as soon as discovered it, and it is reported that Blizzard has opened a new server to combat overcrowding on the Herod server in World of Warcraft Classic, at the same time, more servers will be open to ensure its launch runs well.

It has been confirmed that the nostalgic fans of WOW have rushed towards their goal by the overcrowded login queues, although we still don't know what will happen in the future, this is definitely a not bad experience on World of Warcraft Classic.

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