World Of Warcraft Classic: Free Character Move Is Coming To Overcrowded Realms
World Of Warcraft Classic: Free Character Move Is Coming To Overcrowded Realms

It is obvious to be seen by all of the overwhelming popularity of World of Warcraft Classic when it was released a few days ago, hundreds of thousands of players flocked into WOW Classic at the same time, which is an unexpected success, but it also brought a heavy burden to overcrowded servers. Quite a few players complained that they had been queues for more than ten hours on hot servers, including Herod, Whitemane, Faerilina and more. The developer Blizzard had imagined the situation before, and opened the character name reservation a few days earlier, it did not solve the problem well. On release date, Blizzard had to add more new servers to ensure that every player could enter successfully the game on that day.

In order to help well to adjust players counts on certain WOW Classic servers, Blizzard staff posted a post on the official site, announcing to open "Free Character Move" service for players in the coming days, but the players who must meet the following requirements:

The players must be from one of the most highly-populated realms, they will see the option to initialize a free character move on either the character select screen or the queue screen of the realm. They cannot be one of them who is a guild leader, has active auction listings or bids, or has mail.

Later, more details about the realm move and character restrictions would be posted by Blizzard.

What did WOW Classic bring to us? It is hard to figure it out clearly, the group of players 15 years ago said bye to the past and could not wait to jump into the recreation. And the nostalgic mood made them want to go back to the past days when fighting with old friends.

In order to make the players do better, Blizzard tried its best to make the details more perfect, and with the development of modern technology, more details are optimized in WOW Classic, which reduces much pressure of players. It is also one of the reasons that many players are willing to jump into the game.

A few days ago, the first young player to hit the 60-level limited had produced, and if you want to improve your ranking in the game like him, buy some WOW Classic Gold to give you huge help.

Anyway, WOW Classic is underway, the players have also gained much fun through it, the adventure is still running, having fun enjoying it.

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