WoW Classic PVP Honor System In Phase 2 Guide
WoW Classic PVP Honor System In Phase 2 Guide

In the previous news, it introduced the content of World of Warcraft Classic Phase 2 release, as well as WOW Classic Gold making. Similarly, today's topic is put on the guide of PVP Honor System in Phase 2, which was released on November 12.

The PVP Honor System can give players the rewards within the level range, and the ranking on the system server is completely determined by the number of enemies you kill and the weekly contribution. That being said, you can decide what you get. Some efficient and useful strategies can improve your competitiveness throughout PVP Honor System.

With World of Warcraft Classic, the character promotion is uninterrupted, and very few players can encounter the same challenge twice. However, the challenges are complex in PVP Honor System, which allows players to replay it indefinitely.

Honorable Kills & Dishonorable Kills
This is very clear that ranking is very important in the system, this is updated every week. First of all, you have to master some special skills, such as the Honorable Kills and Dishonorable Kills.

You or one of your team kill an enemy within 10 levels of you, you can get the Honorable Kills upon the PVP Rank, a higher rank will be rewarded more Honor.

While the Dishonorable Kills are a penalty from killing NPCs, which will cause the heavy Honor rating and PVP rank decreasing.

So before attacking, you must make sure your target to prevent being punished, and then get Honorable Kills as much as possible for weekly valuable rewards.

Get Honor
During the PVP Honor System, the best way to get Honor is to participate in the PVP battles as much as possible. And there are many zones to challenges in World of Warcraft Classic, Blackrock mountain, the Tarren Mill versus Southshore region and more, which will allow enhancing the characters in a shore time.

World Bosses
There, you would encounter two World Bosses, Azuregos and Kazzak, which would drop some rare and powerful gear.

You must get three pristine elk horns without bothering Azuregos, which is a huge blue dragon living in the dungeon. Instead, Kazzak is a strong opponent. You can't defeat it alone, so invite your friends to fight with you.

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