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Teenagers sure undoubtedly are a fickle bunch. Loaded with hormones and opinions, their greatest intent is very much making their mark using a world they don’t yet understand fully. But one most notable is wise, refined. This teenager has seen the trappings and misgivings on this world and emerged in 2018 a better entity. This teenager, needless to say, could be the World of Warcraft, plus it recently celebrated its thirteenth birthday.

Ranking the expansions is unquestionably going to become a practice in subjectivity, because folks found various things to like about every one, and admittedly, these were quite fantastic. But we’ll do good, implementing a comprehensive system of raid quality, respond to newly added mechanics, fan interaction and retention, and darts thrown with the wall. For the Alliance? For the Horde? It matters not as this article is designed for you, brave warrior of Azeroth.

6. Warlords of Draenor

This expansion cops a good bit of flak to be the one that ‘lost the fans.’ Though its release showed a first spike in subscribers, it quickly collapsed to some nine-year low, with lots of blaming its tepid patches as well as an overall insufficient content. Indeed, when you point to the most important inclusions introduced in each edition of WoW (many of which add new classes, races or sometimes both), Warlords of Draenor’s phone card was its alternative handle the Outlands, and garrisons that acted to be a sort of hub for players. Its time-traveling tale did allow longtime fans to find out some old favorites which have bitten the dust in the past, in addition to being many in the lands we hadn't yet been devastated through the orcs, particular zones looked familiar, yet refreshed.

Where this expansion is in its best, however, is its raids, considered by some being the most important aspect from the game. Blackrock Foundry’s multiple wings and epic final boss definitely made a feeling on its players. Unfortunately, the reality that Blizzard thought we would do a price hike within this expansion, despite its shortcomings, almost certainly made a superior impression…

5. Mists of Pandaria

Do that suits you pandas? How much do you want pandas? A great deal of your enjoyment on this expansion should come down to how tolerable you get these cuddly critters; these are first WoW race to double dip on factions, competent at joining either the Horde and the Alliance. Be warned, numerous of them will probably be monks, and almost all is going to be named if you do kind of Kung Fu Panda pun.

The Pandaren starting zone, The Wandering Isle, is just about the most charming regions in WoW. Its gorgeous, colorful design and engrossing backstory help it become truly memorable. Once you’ve gone away and off to join the war, however, you’ll never notice again, and that is truly a shame. Beyond that, Pandaria didn’t really supply much compelling new content. The raids were somewhat forgettable, where there seemed being a heavy increased exposure of grinding within this expansion. Not the sort of dirty grinding that gets you kicked from the club, mind you, but perhaps just like unforgivable.

4. Cataclysm

The lead-up to Cataclysm was certainly compelling. Waves of nasties were sent in to the normally tranquil atmosphere of the main cities, culminating in gigantic elementals lumbering around seeking to do us harm. The emergence from the wicked dragon Deathwing laid waste to Azeroth, changing the landscape in such a way we had never witnessed before. The iconic canyon in the Thousand Needles was now flooded, and also the nearby Barrens have been split in 2, putting a finish to the realm’s iconic Chuck Norris-related chat. Ultimately, however, these adjustments were, naturally, permanent fixtures in areas accessible to players without Cataclysm, despite the fact that this was only one thing of note to happen, it can seem curious how they went to such effort to vary content men and women could already access.

The two warring factions added newbies to their ranks: the Alliance earned the cursed Worgen folk of Gilneas, whilst the Horde finally had their parallel towards the diminutive gnomes available as Kezan’s goblins. Though neither would approach the popularity from the human or blood elf races (many people like to play since the sexy toons, you realize), these people were welcome enough adjuncts. It’s noteworthy, however, that their utility wasn’t quite as apparent as those introduced in Burning Crusade, because of not providing use of previously unattainable classes.

A clear highlight on this edition was Deathwing’s tendency to cover lovely visits to random zones, reigning destruction on all things in his path. Running afoul of his flames would reward players through an achievement, as well being a swift death.

3. Legion

Right through the outset, Legion was determined for being everything that Warlords of Draenor has not been. Swelling with content with an early stage, Legion doesn't have any shortage of activities to do. Apart from intriguing new zones to understand more about, there’s an overarching feeling of importance placed upon the Warcraft lore, something which in fact had been, over a quest-by-quest basis, scaled in previous expansions. The Class Halls especially make for a new experience, regardless if played again on the alts (if you do not rolled five straight hunters for a few strange reason).

All with the staples of WoW are actually retooled and improved, from crafting to PvP, as well as the implementation of world quests make sure players won't be left twiddling their thumbs. Sure, there’s many demons – and now we want to emphasize, we mean lots of demons – however the content still feels lively and robust.

This doesn’t even continue on to mention the newly introduced demon hunter class, a hybrid battler that excels at dishing out damage, sponging up hits and flitting regarding the battlefield such as a chaotic flea on an excessive amount caffeine. Combined with their capability to shapeshift into hulking behemoths, they can be one in the most fun and versatile playstyles to be had.

2. Wrath on the Lich King

Despite the reality that Wrath with the Lich King arrived on the scene nine in the past, the tale told plus the loose ends tangled up had this sort of grand, satisfying finality directly to them, it could possibly have very justifiably been the very last chapter for your World of Warcraft. Of course, there’s always take advantage the Tel’Abim Banana stand, so that it was inevitable that business would continue as usual.

This expansion took us for the frigid climate of Northrend, in which the threat of Arthas Menethil was coming into a head. Despite the frosty temperatures, the strain was really heating by now, as Garrosh Hellscream’s violent ascension the ranks was starting to splinter the trust on the Horde, something that wasn’t helped by Grand Apothecary Putress betraying his allies and unloading a delicious batch of plague upon individuals both factions.

In this expansion, we finally got a chance to go toe-to-toe using the Lich King himself, a character whose fascinating tale long preceded the events in the World of Warcraft games, so we even took control in the powerful death knights. Seeing the towering frame associated with an intimidating Orc plague fighter became a sight to behold (a gnome death knight, not really). Most importantly though, this would be the expansion that gave us Ulduar, and let’s boost the comfort: the Yogg-Saron boss fight may do not be topped.

1. The Burning Crusade

Though updates to your original game had already begun to undo the wild west which was vanilla WoW (ahh, to discover the majestic sight from the plainsrunning Tauren…), The Burning Crusade blew the doors using a change that will remove the biggest difference between deciding on the two factions – the introduction on the Draenei and Blood Elves. Besides allowing Horde fans to finally strut their stuff to be a physically attractive character (See: Cataclysm notes. Type: /dance. Receive: gold), the previous was the 1st Alliance race effective at accessing the shaman class, as the opposite was true to the blood elves and paladins. Now, there were less of a pronounced difference inside structure with the top raiding guilds, and also the playing field was evener. Was this a real good thing? Or achieved it lead towards the dilution of races for the point where now we have Dwarf Mages and Undead Hunters? The opinion is divisive, even so the impact the Burning Crusade had just can't be denied.

Taking players on the legendary Outlands, this expansion have also been host to Karazhan, one from the most beloved raids in WoW history. Do you remember the place you were the primary time you felled Prince Malchezaar? He certainly does – and frankly, he’s getting fed up with getting killed all for that sake of your damned loot drops.

Overall, it’s worth thanking Blizzard for giving us a sport that has been able to keep us hooked because of this long, once we look forward to your surprises and secrets how the upcoming Battle for Azeroth has in store. Fingers crossed, we finally uncover those elusive Tauren rogues of legend.

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