Senior Wow Classic Guide: How To Get Free Wow Classic Gold Faster?
Senior Wow Classic Guide: How To Get Free Wow Classic Gold Faster?

It has been over a week since the servers of World of Warcraft Classic opened, we knew that you are looking for some senior guide if you are still in it. People often say that the most common item in WOW Classic is Gold, so the players have to be dedicated to making "money", I agreed with the point very much, so an excellent guide is always to start with WOW Classic Gold farming. The quicker you figure out, the more Gold coins you can get, so jump into it: how to get free WOW Classic Gold faster?

1.Choose the most profitable profession and make basic work
The maximum level is limited to 60 in WOW Classic, which is also a tough road to go. When you are still young, you'd better try your best to make basic work, earn more XP and resources to level up until you have extra Gold, which can let you enjoy more game content.

Before that, you need to choose the most profitable profession for your characters, which is one of the quickest ways to earn Gold. Mining and Herbalism are the top two professions we recommend to you, both of which can bring huge help for your farming.

2.Gather resources and sell as your level
You are always busy do countless work in WOW Classic, you can find lots of resources through it, such as leather, herbs, clothes, gems, fish, and more, all can be sold, and you can quickly take away some of them as your profession.

However, you will waste much time on it, not all effort is in vain, which can make a huge profit for you by selling them to others or the auction house. If you want to get something more valuable, it is better with some luck.

Remember not to challenges the monsters above your level, or you will lose much wealth.

3.Farm WOW Classic Gold alone or in large groups
During WOW Classic, almost every player has to experience "farming", which is the process of fighting with the enemies and getting the loot. You can solo farming or fight alongside your friends, of course, the latter can cause more XP and wealth.

The places where we see the most enemies are dungeons, which is needed to repeat. The higher your level, the more money you can earn. Get the loot, clothes, recipes, even some worthless items, all of which can be shared with your teammates. Or you can take them back to sell to the auction house in exchange for more WOW Classic Gold.

4.Search for some extra help
If you are always busy with long hours of work and family life, buying some WOW Classic Gold can improve your in-game ranking. However, you are not recommended to do so, using illegal methods to get Gold, which may cause your account being banned.

If you have to do this, be sure to find some safe and legal stores.

All in all, the door of vanilla WOW days has just opened again, it is the best chance to play your role not, take your time.

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