Can World Of Warcraft Classic Really Bring You Back To The Past?
Can World Of Warcraft Classic Really Bring You Back To The Past?

The enthusiasm and excitement of the fans of World of Warcraft Classic finally waned. Two days ago, Blizzard announced that WOW Classic launched as a server option, which was a copy of the one before 15 years. Countless returning players jumped into the server and caused serious congestion, and the nostalgic emotions reminded them of the years when they fought side by side. Now you have access to WOW Classic without much difficulty with another question to consider, can WOW Classic really bring you back to the past days?

Quite a few ones of overcrowded players came from the past version, when they are young, they played with their friends and explored the dungeon named Deadmines to complete various challenges. Every day, they tried to earn as much Gold as possible to start a new adventure, the rewards and pleasant always came at the same time. Thirteen years passed by, they had the opportunity to experience the game scenes, mode, gameplay and maps again, but it was getting harder and harder to contact the friends who have played the game before after they left the old game.

It seems that the game is the same with only minor functionality tweaks, but it was impossible to return to Azeroth in 2006. World of Warcraft Classic is actually a new game with nostalgic dice, here you need to create new characters and classes, even fight together with a group of strangers.

Undoubtedly, with the progress of the times, the development of World of Warcraft Classic is worth looking forward to, but it is not the one you encountered 13 years ago.

We miss the past happy days and friends who made you happy, not just a game, but the past will never come back again. WOW Classic is still worth your effort, if you have created a character for it, continue what you are doing now, it will be better in the future.

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