Blizzard announced that DDoS suspect of WOW Classic arrested and punished
Blizzard announced that DDoS suspect of WOW Classic arrested and punished

The sensational DDoS attack finally came to a conclusion, Blizzard posted a post on the public social platform two days ago and shared the current result of it.

About half a month ago, Blizzard received complaints that nearly all players had problems with slow response or forced to go offline when they landed on WOW Classic servers.

Rapidly, the developer Blizzard began tough work and found the cause of its result from DDoS attack. Before that, someone posted a warning about it on Twitter, but no one takes it to heart.

As for the attacks, it did harm to almost all servers of WOW Classic, which made it impossible for players to play the game smoothly.

After several attacks, the developer successfully solved the damage caused by DDoS. Meanwhile, more games, like Overwatch and World of Warcraft were also affected to varying degrees.

Blizzard admitted that the suspect of DDoS had been discovered and arrested, and the real reason caused the attack was also under investigation. And he will eventually have to bear certain legal responsibilities for his wrong behavior. It was not the first hacker to attack Blizzard's game, and the servers of WOW were also attacked by DDoS more than a year ago, and its attackers were eventually sentenced to jail and charged a lot of fines.

Blizzard has always been very cybersecurity and intellectual property for a long time, and it has been banned from all online or offline trade by players other than official events.

Therefore, any formal organization is calling for the cessation of any illegal behavior.

WOW Classic Gold is one of the goals that players are fighting for, but Blizzard can only allow them to farm in the game. Even so, the sellers of WOW Classic Gold have never disappeared, and the existence of things is reasonable, at least it satisfies those players who are eager for gold.

Some time ago, Blizzard also completed another issue, in order to create a fairer experience for the players, Blizzard filed a lawsuit against a Chinese game company on the grounds of infringement. A game published by Sina Games, Glorious Saga, almost copied the characters, vehicles, weapons and even sound effects in WOW.

Blizzard is protecting intellectual property from infringement, which might help create a cleaner network environment, and each of us should be aware that malicious attacks or disruption of network programs by illegal ways will be punished by law.

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