A Player Of Wow Classic Found The Exploit And Made 100,000 Gold
A Player Of Wow Classic Found The Exploit And Made 100,000 Gold

World of Warcraft Classic, the game mode that has wholly copied the past one more than ten years ago has exceeded everyone's expectations. Blizzard has added more servers for it, the number of long-term overcrowded players and high ranking in past three weeks, everyone realizes that WOW Classic is almost the most successful game of Blizzard this year, and magically, the old game can attract players of all ages, not just for nostalgia.

However, once an MMORPG becomes popular, more focus was put on it, players spent a lot of time trying to find bugs in WOW Classic and use it, now it turns out that they have succeeded, although it is not allowed by Blizzard.

In recent days, a player of WOW Classic has gained tremendous wealth, that's because he found an exploit and earned 100,000 WOW Classic Gold with his companions.

It seems to be the first time to find exploit in WOW Classic, the game-breaking bug took advantage of the layering system, which was the method used by the first player who reached level 60, but this time, the players in the exploit were allowed to skip the dungeon directly and then repeated killing the final boss to make money.

According to the normal settings, a team of 5-10 players needs to fight together, spend an hour through the dungeon and complete the quests, but one user left his group and reinvited his teammates, reset the dungeon to get rid of the quests.

Obviously, Blizzard is very angry about it, and the community manager wrote on the post, "As soon as possible, we will identify those who knowingly abused this bug in exploitative manner...we will then take appropriate punitive measures", as a result, the most serious punishment faced by the player who broke the game rules and his companions may be forever banned from playing WOW Classic again.

It is very clear that Blizzard has never liked players to buy WOW Classic Gold in abnormal methods, but it doesn't change that someone violates the game's terms of service in order to make profits.

Some gold-selling sites are in full swing, and the price of one WOW Classic Gold is even higher than one dollar on some sites, it sounds a bit outrageous, but the number of gold is still in short supply, for it, we can only suggest purchasing in a more rational way.

Some cheap stores, such as ZZWOW, could save you a lot of real money, and Blizzard has announced that any account that obtaining WOW Classic Gold in an illegal way will be banned indefinitely. Make sure the safety and legality before purchasing, which will reduce many of the risks.

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